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Why Does Humanity Fight? Attack on Titan Volume 1 Review 4.5

Why Does Humanity Fight? Attack on Titan Volume 1 Review




This trailer was my first media introduction to Attack on Titan in any form, and it looks epic. But I want to talk about the manga because, when I see a cool trailer for a movie I haven’t seen and there is a book that goes along with it that I haven’t read, I try very hard to read the book first. It juts feels… right to know the storyline from
the original form of entertainment, and THEN watch someone else interpretation of that same concept. The first whispers I actually heard about Attack on Titan were through this rare gem Lola. She is not your average
high school cool, she is the kind of cool that makes me wish I could be 16 again just so I could have the chance of being her friend (a feat barely anyone has accomplished because I was awkward as hell at 16). Here she is, full AoT cosplay at Otakon.

Fucking. Cool.


I have never read a true manga until now, and reading right to left was pretty tough for me at first, but once I got the hang of it I felt even more apart of the comic knowing that I was getting to experience it the way the writer intended it for me. I also only have book 1, chapters 1-4, so there is a lot of speculation and reading between the lines for me here! I love it already; I can’t wait to get the next books so I can continue the journey ASAP. The quick synopsis (of what I’ve read so far) is that humanity has been taken by the Titans, the few survivors have been forced to cage themselves up with a 160+ meter high wall for security. The wall has worked for 5 years until the colossal titan shows up; and well there goes the peace humanity had gotten so comfortable with. Erin, our protagonist, has never been able to accept the level of comfort that other people feel behind the wall, and everyone has always seen him as wild and outlandish for wanting to go beyond and study the titans. After this attack nearly wiped the rest of humanity away, he and Mikasa, our heroin, join the military in order to continue with Erin’s goal of becoming a part of the survey corps- the military team that goes on exploration m. Of course things don’t go as planned, the colossal titan returns, regular titans enter the first wall (of humanities newly structured wall system) and it ends with Erin being eaten… I KNOW WTF ERIN!?!?!

It was hard to lose my new comic crush in the first book, but there are all sorts of hints that this isn’t the last time we see him, in some way, shape, or form. Without knowing more I am going into speculation mode here, but we saw a brief moment where Erin’s father, the local Dr., injected him with SOMETHING; and Erin has moments of amnesia and extreme headaches when trying to get past the wall of his memory loss (cages and being barred off from something is a theme for almost every character in this story). To compare the manga to the trailer for a moment, I’m not sure which titan creeps me out more, I think so far from what I’ve seen they did an amazing job with the live action titans- but the drawn titans are the things that nightmares are made of as well.


They’ve got this sub human form, with no genitalia and extremely wide mouths, all the better to eat you with my dear. Which is exactly what they do! Eat people! But they seemingly have no interest in other surrounding wildlife, it’s just people… curious. Along with that, the colossal titan vanishes, mid battle it just disappears… curiouser and curiouser. You’d think with all of these inconsistencies more people would have the mentality that Erin is fueled with- the unquenchable thirst to know more about his enemy- but so few do. “You couldn’t save your mother because you weren’t strong enough. I didn’t face the titan because I wasn’t brave enough!” There is a constant belief that physical strength is the only way to defeat a titan, and to some extent this is true. But what couples with bravery is knowledge; feeling confident that you know where and when to strike against such an enemy, or that you know enough about their weaknesses to take advantage of them.

So far, this story is dark (which I love) but be ready to feel hopeless, lost, and trapped right along with everyone inside of the walls. How can anyone win against such a huge adversary, how can humanity expect to be able to continue when the titans regenerate and are nearly indestructible?

I can not wait to read on.

The overall rating for me will continue to be higher as I get used to this style. The only real struggles I had as a reader was getting used to the traditional right to left technique, content and imagery were all top notch!
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