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I am Captain Marvel. Sorry, Ronda.

I am Captain Marvel. Sorry, Ronda.


We already know that Ronda Rousey has been lobbying to land her dream role of playing Captain Marvel. Angie Han over at Slashfilm.com reported earlier that Ronda had been campaigning, by “using the power of fan art and social media” to state her case with Warner Bros. Well I’ve decided to use the power of my art to state the case that there are so many obvious and better choices for the role of Captain Marvel, and maybe a few not so obvious options this fan boy/man could only ever hope for. All my choices are of women who have one way or another showed amazing strength and literally kicked ass on screen. I created a nice back drop, fashioned a Captain Marvel costume, and made phone calls to all the lucky candidates to have them come over for a photo sh0ot. You know, to see how they looked. Decided to move forward with my Photoshop Mash Up, since no one returned my calls (insert sad face emoji here). Welcome to my “I Am Captain Marvel” series.

Katee Sackhoff
has been a fan favorite to take on the role. Stop frakking with us and just frakking give it to her already! Frak!CP_0008_KateeSackhoff


Fellow Galactican Tricia Helfer’s role as Cylon Number 6 got a perfect 10 from this Polish judge.CP_0002_TriciaHelfer


Katheryn Winnick. She plays the strong shield-maiden Lagertha on History Channel’s “Vikings”. Fights along her husband and brothers. She is a force. A perfect candidate to fight along side her superhero brothers and sisters in the Marvel Universe.CP_0000_KatherynWinnick


Emma Stone is no stranger to the Marvel Universe. She did her time as Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider-Man films. She’d be super bad ass as Captain Marvel.CP_0006_EmmaStone


Charlize Theron ruled this summer as Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road. She’s already played a super hero in Hancock. With her Star power this could be a no brainer.CP_0005_CharlizeTheron


Loved Alice Eve in She’s Out Of My League and she played Doctor Carol Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness. Can she fill the role and be a Captain?CP_0004_AliceEve


As Katniss or Mystique, Jennifer Lawrence is no stranger to strong female roles. Does she need this one? Nope! Can she get it? No doubt! Bill Engvall would be proud.CP_0009_JenniferLawrence


Ok so you’ve got some obvious choices and fan favorites. These next few are my guilty pleasure choices.


I have had such a crush on Helen Mirren since forever. You don’t even know! Helen you had me at Anaal nath rakh! Oot vas bethut! Doch iel dienvay!CP_0003_HelenMirren


She may be too young for the role, but Chloë Moretz looks the part and really knows how to… Kick Ass!CP_0007_ChloeMoretz


Lauren Cohan. You’ve seen this Jersey Girl* fight alongside Glenn dispatching hordes of walkers, so you know she can get the job done as Captain Marvel.CP_0001_LaurenCohan* Lauren was born in Cherry Hill NJ before moving to Surrey England at the age of 13. That explains the Jersey accent.


Was I the only one who got turned on by her role as Amanda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada? She was so deliciously abusive. MMMmmm Meryl Streep.CP_0010_MerylStreep

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed viewing my “I Am Captain Marvel” series, as much as I enjoyed making it for you. Until next time.

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  • MacAdie Ferguson

    Chloë Moretz!!!!

  • Doug L.

    Wiizzy knocks it out again! I’m gonna vote for Alice Eve, let’s give someone new a chance at a franchise character!

  • You’re a madman. An utterly cracked madman. I salute you, sir!

  • Oh, and, I vote for Sackhoff.

  • I just want to see Charlize Theron in everything now… so that’s gotta be my vote!

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