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I Want My VRV!

I Want My VRV!


Not to be confused with the Variable Refrigerant Volume HVAC System, developed by the world’s leading HVAC manufacturer Daikin, this VRV is a soon to be available, new streaming video experience.

If you are a super fan of Anime, Gaming, Animation, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, and Horror, VRV might be right up your alley. First unveiled back in June at E3, VRV will be a streaming platform that will feature exclusive content from Crunchy Roll, Rooster Teeth, See So, Nerdist, Geek & Sundry and Cartoon Hangover. Subscribers will have the choice of the service’s entire catalog or select channels, with Free or Premium packages.

VRV A new streaming platform

Back in August whilst visiting the Crunchy Roll booth at OtakonI learned that VRV was running a questionnaire at Survey Monkey to find potential testers to help kick the tires of this new streaming platform. Well I was sold, took the survey to see if I was a potential candidate immediately. To test this product that has so much to offer to fandom was an amazing opportunity, oh and get paid doing it too?

Yes! Sign me up.

Well fast forward 2 months later and I’m still waiting for the word that I’ve been chosen.
VRV if you’re reading this…

If I’m not chosen, then there’s a chance you could be. If you want to be a tester for VRV and watch Anime, Cartoons, Science Fiction, Comedy, etc, etc and get paid doing it, then sign up HERE or click the image below.

VRV A new streaming platform

Wether or not we get chosen as testers, We should still be looking forward to what VRV will collectively bring and offer to the fandom community. Already a Crunchy Roll subscriber for the last 4 years, to have all of this in one place would be… really cool.

(HVAC humor never gets c-old)

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