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Indie Studio Bit2Good’s “Goggles: The World of Vaporia” Released Today on Steam

Indie Studio Bit2Good’s “Goggles: The World of Vaporia” Released Today on Steam



It is a good time to be an indie game developer. Engines have never been less expensive for small teams and people seem to be hellbent on rooting for the so-called “underdogs” of the medium. Steam recognizes this, being the business-savvy bros they are, and so we get to see yet another exciting looking Indie title come into being.

Goggles: The World of Vaporia is the first effort at a full release from German studio Bit2Good, which is what makes their early accomplishments with this title extra exciting: In only a little over two and a half weeks, “Goggles” was greenlit by the Steam community.

Goggles… tells the tale of a bustling, automaton-run city-planet known as Vaporia that runs precisely and efficiently under the umbrella of global company Fumare Tech. It is here that we will meet our protagonist, the young Quentin Quaint. One day while on his way home from the market in the Golden District, he finds out that his mentor Vules Jerne (spoonerism detected!) is being attacked in his laboratory. A creature has come through a portal that opened right in the middle of his lab, and during the fight, Quentin aided Vules in the ensuing struggle.

Unfortunately, an explosion caused by the short battle scattered Vules’ latest discovery, a pairs of goggles that allowed him to see into the parallel universes of Vaporia, to the four corners of the steampunk inspired cityscape. With Quentin by his side and a cast of characters who will assist them in their journey, they must travel not only through their own familiar Golden District, but to the other three universes that were now accessible thanks to the scientist’s discovery. Only after the goggles are retrieved will order be restored to the lands of Vaporia.

Blue District
The Blue (or Ice) District.
Golden District
The Golden District, home of our main characters.
Green District
The Green Fields District.
Red District
The Red (or Fire) District.


The game was built using the Unity engine, which the team at Echo Base covered extensively at the Unite 2015 Boston Conference in September of this year. I will begin playing this game later today, and by next week, I will be publishing a full review of the title.

Until then, show your support of the Indie gaming scene, head over to Steam, and pick yourself up a copy of Goggles: The World of Vaporia for $19.99. This project runs on PC, OS X, and Linux rigs and will see release on Playstation 4 some time in November.

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