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Leslie Jones is Under Attack – And it’s NOT Okay.

Leslie Jones is Under Attack – And it’s NOT Okay.


I’m Echoba.se’ resident asshole – the guy who defends #Gamergate, lambasts recasting white roles with black actors, and generally plays Devil’s Advocate in the face of all this politically correct shit going on these days.

And yet despite all that, I am sickened and disgusted today, by the next phase in the onslaught of hate against Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones; which includes the leaking of her private, nude photos.

I mean, what the fuck, people?

Normally I’m the kind of asshole who would pick through the trail of Tweets and build a case study about who is the ‘real’ bad guy in this situation; but on this occasion I’m not even going to dignify those who feel like this sort of shit is ‘justifiable’. It’s simply not.

This is cyber-bullying of the worst kind. This is a horrendous, hateful attack on a woman whose worst ‘crime’ seems to have been starring in a poorly-received reboot of a popular movie franchise.

Leslie Jones isn’t Wikileaks, or Hillary Clinton’s email server, or Donald Trump’s tax returns. Hacking her website isn’t for the ‘public good’, and leaking her nude photos isn’t defensible under any circumstances. This is an assault against another human being; and one who’d already been under an onslaught of hate, racism and bullying.

I’m all for freedom of speech. I’m all for transparancy. I am a passionate opponent of ‘political correctness’. Yet the assault of Leslie Jones is none of those things. It’s hate for the sake of hate, and it disgusts me, and everybody I know.

Leslie, we love you. Even if some of us didn’t love Ghostbusters (I thought it was pretty good, actually) we still love you. You’re a vibrant, powerful new talent and we reject any justification for what is happening to you. Please stay strong, and come back swinging. We’ll all be here to cheer you on when you do.


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