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MacGyver is Coming Back, Thanks to Lionsgate and CBS!

MacGyver is Coming Back, Thanks to Lionsgate and CBS!


Thanks to articles from Vanity and EW we have learned as much as is out there about Lionsgate’s plan to reboot the MacGyver franchise with both a movie, and a CBS T.V. series. I didn’t grow up with the original show, which lasted from 1985-1992 with 7 series in that time, but that doesn’t change my excitement for a reboot of the hero that solves disastrous situations with everyday objects!

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After announcing plans to reboot the movie, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer commented further “I’m also pleased to announce this morning that we’ve joined with our friends at CBS on a development deal to re-envision the MacGyver franchise in film and television, with CBS taking the lead on the TV show and Lionsgate taking the lead on the film.”

The film will be produced by original series producer Lee Zlotoff and Neal Moritz of the Fast & Furious movies. Clearly there will be enough influence from the original to keep it’s integrity in tact, but also it looks like we will have some serious action in with Mortiz’s F&F track record! Here’s to hoping for a good reboot!

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