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Matthew McConaughey Cast in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower

Matthew McConaughey Cast in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower


The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Matthew McConaughey has been offered roles in the new movie adaption of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series – with the choice of playing either legendary gunslinger Roland Deschain, or King’s inimitable villain Randall Flagg.

Initial reports suggest that he’ll take the Flagg role – which is a pretty meaty character formerly played by Jamey Sheridan in the 1990s TV miniseries.

Personally, though, I think he’d make an amazing Roland. The character of the gunslinger has often been compared to Clint Eastwood’s ‘the man with no name’, but in the books he’s described as looking like a younger, gaunter Stephen King himself. Matthew McConaughey is a little bit of both those things; and a consistently underrated character actor who can say more with those baby blue eyes of his then most actors can with a three minute monologue.

Not much more is known at this time, although with director Nikolaj Arcel planning a January, 2017 release date the clock is clearly ticking. Personally, I imagined Kevin Spacey as Flagg when I was reading the books. I think he’d be amazing in the role.

In any event, the Dark Tower series were books that had a massive impact on my life, so I’m thrilled to see them being brought to the big (and possibly small) screen. I can only trust they’ll stay true to one of the most creative and brilliant peices of American fantasy writing ever laid to print.

Watch this space!

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