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I Miss Capaldi. Oh! Look! A ‘Class’ Trailer!

I Miss Capaldi. Oh! Look! A ‘Class’ Trailer!


It has now been over a year since we last saw Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who on our screens, and, well… I’m really starting to feel the weight of that absence.


God I’ve missed the attack eyebrows…


Absence can have weight. It’s a paradox. Yes, it’s confusing. But at least it’s not as confusing as a Bootstrap Paradox.

Anyway, where was I? Oh. Right. Peter Capaldi. No new ‘Doctor Who’ episodes until 2017. With, of course, the exception of the ‘Doctor Who Christmas Special’. As I said before, I thought we at least had the arrival of ‘Who’ spin-off ‘Class’ to tide us/me through the dreary months. But then came word that ‘Class’ wouldn’t debut until 2017 either and I broke my wrist, lost an internal organ and got grumpy.


2016 has not been a good year, comrades.

But wait! Here’s a trailer for ‘Class’! And it’s pretty damn cracking!


Oh my! It’s got snogging! Time rifts! Pop culture references! Moody shadows! Angsty youth! Snogging! Katherine Kelly like a boss! More snogging! Capaldi intensifies!

I also stumbled across this neat little trailer that serves as a neat little compendium of Coal Hill School moments through ‘Doctor Who’. I believe it’s a neat little “fan-made” job, but unlike many such efforts this is quite good.

And there’s also this “not-really-a-trailer” trailer for the upcoming ‘Who’ Xmas Spectacular ‘The Return Of Doctor Mysterio’

Oh my! Time lapse photography! Matt Lucas! Super Heros! Capaldi being adorable! Capaldi being grim! The return of the classic 12th Doctor white shirt with no tie outfit! Fake snow! Clapper boards!


I’m pretty sure he’ll Intensify at some point in the show as well…


At least we only have 2 and a half months to wait for this to arrive, eh? Peter Capaldi will be back on ‘Doctor Who’ full time in April of 2017; with Pearl Mackie joining him in the TARDIS. ‘Class’ will debut in October 0f 2017, which makes me wonder if the events of ‘Who”s season will carry over into ‘Class’. Over the last few seasons ‘Doctor Who’ aired starting in the summer. Now it seems we have a spring air for ‘Who’ to be followed closely by a fall air for ‘Class’. That’s a handy way to carry through a whole year’s plot, I’d say.

As I said, 2016 has been an absolute bastard of a year. I had no idea how much of a bastard it was going to truly be when I first heard that we’d be denied a proper season of Capaldi as ‘Doctor Who’. So now, here in the waning months of this bastard year, these little peeks at the upcoming seasons of ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Class” are like little drops of water in a desert to me.

Come on 2017. We can do this. We’ve got Capaldi, Kelly and Mackie. We have no excuses. It’s GOT to be better than 2016.


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