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The All-New, All-Different Marvel Launches in One Month! The New Marvel Line-Up Part 1

The All-New, All-Different Marvel Launches in One Month! The New Marvel Line-Up Part 1


Have to admit, it was touch and go on whether to use an exclamation point for that headline, or some confused emoji. Looking to capitalize on the obvious success of DC’s New 52 (declining sales, lack of diversity and creative exodus!)(yes, I went with the exclamation point again, that was sarcasm), Marvel is 30 days from their big reboot of every title following the Secret Wars event. Well, not actually following the event, since Secret Wars is falling behind schedule and won’t actually wrap up until three months into the relaunch.

But here it is, the breakdown of titles that start launching early October with a look at what’s new and what’s different and what’s not.

Part 1 of the list covers the Avengers-related books, and the Spider-Man books.


Avengers Group Titles

All-New, All-Different Aveavengers teamngers– The flagship title. The team will be Captain America (Sam Wilson), Iron Man, Thor (Jane Foster), Nova (Sam Alexander), Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Ms. Marvel and the Vision.

Uncanny Avengers—Team will be Steve Rogers (still aged to near-infirmity), the Torch (largely assumed to be Johnny Storm but some speculate it may be Toro), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Brother Voodoo, Quicksilver, Rogue and Deadpool.

New Avengers—Team will be Sunspot, Songbird, Hawkeye, Wiccan, Hulkling, Squirrel Girl and someone who might be White Tiger?

Ultimates—Cosmic team for the cosmic threats, not sure this a set team or one that forms based on need (like Avengers World). Since the first issue cover has Galactus, this is starting with a bang.

A-Force—basically every female character they can find and cram into one book.

Well, they certainly achieved diversity by jamming everyone onto a team somewhere. Every gender, religion, sexual orientation and even synthetic status is represented. But seriously, Deadpool on a team under Steve Rogers? I give it three issues.


Avengers Solo Titles

Totally Awesome Hulk—yes, that’s seriously the title. It’s a new Hulk (big mystery! Like the last time they did that!). Who apparently talks like Bodi from Point Break.

Invincible Iron Man—New armor, new cast, new villains, same Tony Stark. Written By Brian Michael Bendis so it deserves a look.2506444

Captain America: Sam Wilson—same pre-Secret War creative team, still Sam Wilson.

Mighty Thor—same pre-Secret War creative team, still Jane Foster. A damn good book.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl—same pre-Secret War creative team.

All-New Hawkeye—same pre-Secret War creative team.

Agents of SHIELD—same pre-Secret War creative team.

Ms. Marvel—same pre-Secret War creative team.

Nova—still the young Sam Alexander now teaming up with his dad. I miss Rich Ryder.

Captain Marvel—the fourth one, Carol Danvers. Since she gave her “Ms. Marvel” name to the Muslim girl.

Scarlet Witch—guest starring Agatha Harkness. No, that’s not enticing you?

Not much different for such a big relaunch. A new Hulk? Big deal, there are like seven Hulks now. No surprise that Scarlet Witch, Vision and Captain Marvel have solo books now as they are or soon will soon be part of the movie universe. My advice is to pick up the books you liked before Secret Wars because they are just continuing.


Spider-Man Titles

jbm55bu-141955Spider-Man—Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man now co-existing with the original Spider-Man. I like the Miles character, and that was a tough sell to me.

Amazing Spider-man—the original Peter Parker, now going multi-national as a company and a character.

Spider-Gwen— same pre-Secret War creative team

Spider-Man 2099— same pre-Secret War creative team

Silk— same pre-Secret War creative team

Spider-Woman— same pre-Secret War creative team

Carnage—I wouldn’t look twice at this book except it’s written by Gerry Conway, and he proved with his recent “Spiral” mini-series that he knows how to write Spider-Man better than anyone

Spider-Man/Deadpool—that title was just painful to write, I can only imagine more painful to read.

Web Warriors—leftovers from Spider-verse including Spider-Ham.

Ok, cue the music for my anti-Dan Slott rant. I don’t think there’s been a decent Spider-Man story since Brand New Day, that Dan writes his comics like they are episodes of Friends and should come with a laugh-track. He keeps creating more Spider-men, more goblins, more copies of everything. I’ve talked with everyone from Joe Quesada to Gerry Conway to Dan himself, and everyone says the same thing—“No one loves Spider-Man more than Dan.” Then I read the issue where Peter Parker finds old Aunt May in bed with a guy and it’s supposed to be funny. I cancelled my subscription and I’ve never looked back.

I’ll give the Miles Morales title a try, and Gerry Conway on carnage looks terrific. On everything else, if you bought it before then buy it again because not much looks like it changed. Excep Spider-Woman is pregnant.


Look for Part 2 of the Marvel release list tomorrow, with the rest of the All-New All-Different line-up!

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