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Nintendo Direct PokeMania

Nintendo Direct PokeMania


Calling all Pokemon Masters! Nintendo gave fans of the Pocket Monsters franchise great news this morning in their 8-minute-long Pokemon Direct segment. While there isn’t going to be Pokemon Snap of any kind (no matter how much of a pipe dream it was I still wanted it badly) OR Pokemon Stars (which is still just a rumor sadly) there ARE going to be some great sequels out this year!

First, we have Pokken Tournament DX, which will be playable on the Nintendo Switch. The game has a wide variety of play modes which lines up perfectly with the customizable playing experience you get with the Switch. Play it as a handheld, connect it to your TV for battles with 2 controllers or use it in tabletop mode and each trainer can use a single Joy-Con controller and duke it out. Really goes well with the great portability features of the console.

Another few features for the new game are 3 vs 3 team battles. Not to mention the new Rank, Friendly and Group Match features. Rank mode is just what it sounds like, a serious mode in which you fight others to improve your rank. Friendly is the more casual battle option in which ranks are not affected. Group, as the name suggests, is the option where friends only get together and battle. The online play capability in this game makes for hours of Pokemon battling fun for everyone (provided you have an internet connection). At least until 2018 when some features in the Nintendo online services world will require a paid subscription. More details on that will be available closer to the starting date for that, but I felt it was worth noting to you guys. So make sure you enjoy the online features while they’re still free!

There are also 5 additional characters to choose from in the DX version:

Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, Croagunk, and Decidueye from the latest installment of Sun and Moon. Seems wicked awesome to me, and quite honestly, I barely played the original one. I appreciated its merits though, and am hoping that this one lives up to the hype.
If you’re still not sure whether this sequel is right for you never fear! In a week at E3 Nintendo will have a playable demo for interested parties to check out, provided you’re in the LA area. If you’re not in the area and still want to experience some gameplay never fear! There will be an invitational tournament being streamed the day after E3. So make sure you check it out!

Immediately following the Pokken Tournament DX trailer we were launched into some familiar looking screen views, but there were also some new things as well. The second set of sequels announced during the short segment was UltraSun and UltraMoon, the next installment of the Pokemon family for 3DS. These titles offer an alternate story that takes place in the same world (which is good because I was not ready to leave the Aloha region). There will also be new Pokemon that did not appear in the original Sun and Moon games, which is AWESOME. They talk about adding even more elements to make our gameplay truly Ultra, but this was just a quick tease of what’s to come.

Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon will launch worldwide on November 17th 2017 for all Nintendo 3DS family systems. More information will be revealed in the coming months and we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Just as you thought the direct session was over battle music began to play! Also being released this Fall on Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console will be the classic editions of Pokemon Gold and Silver. We can relive these classic games with reproductions of the original visuals of the Gameboy Color version’s screen, making it feel just like it’s 2001 once again. They’re also going to be compatible with the Pokemon Bank, which is fantastic. The 3DS Virtual Console titles will be released on the same day as Pokken Tourament DX, September 22nd.

Nintendo has given us some excellent looking titles to look forward to. Personally I’m excited to watch this tournament next week to see some more gameplay in action for Pokken Tournament DX. What are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments, we love hearing from you all!

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