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No, Warner Brothers aren’t ‘hiding’ Wonder Woman

No, Warner Brothers aren’t ‘hiding’ Wonder Woman


We’re only a few weeks out from one of the biggest films of the year – Warner Brother’s Wonder Woman. But before we revel in the awesomeness of seeing Princess Diana of Themyscira in her first stand-alone movie, there’s something we need to discuss – the false narrative that Warner Brothers aren’t giving Wonder Woman adequete marketing.


“Fake news” is all over the headlines these days, and if you want to see that concept infect nerdom, you need only head over to The Mary Sue and read Vivian Kane’s depressing article asking: “Where is the marketing for Wonder Woman?

In it, she complains about how Warner Brothers aren’t investing in marketing this movie properly – and claims it’s not received the same promotional push as other DC films like Batman Versus Superman and Suicide Squad.

“I want to be drowned in Wonder Woman marketing,” Vivian writes. “Can we please just all agree to accept that women make money, spend money, and deserve representation in the entertainment they watch?”

Now, I applaud Vivian’s passion for supporting one of the first female-led superhero movies ever made – but there’s a major issue with her argument: The fact that it’s complete bullshit.

If you look at the facts – something Vivian seems not to have bothered doing – you’d discover that far from ‘hiding’ Wonder Woman, Warner Brothers have actually spent more than $3,043,212 on commercials for it – almost half a million more than for Suicide Squad. And from trailer debuts at SXSW to merchandising deals with Orville Redenbacher popcorn, this movie has its fingers in just as many promotional pies as any of the other similarly-budgeted superhero flicks.

In short, Vivian Kane is talking out of her… well something other than her mouth, and making an argument about how Wonder Woman is being subjected to the tyranny of sexism when in fact it’s being marketed very widely, as befits a potential summer blockbuster.

I find this kind of thing really frustrating because when a writer decides to basically just make stuff up, it actually deflects from real issues with equality and inclusion, which many argue are still a big issue in geekdom.

In any event, I’m super stoked for Wonder Woman. She was amazing in Batman Versus Superman, and as a history geek I am thrilled at the opportunity to see Diana Prince slashing and hacking in the trenches of World War I. As one of the most powerful superheros in the DC universe – who can pretty much go toe-to-toe with Superman when asked to – I think Wonder Woman is more than able to conquer the box office without Vivian Kane’s misleading support.


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