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Now on Netflix – Hush


A couple years ago there was a film that hit the festivals and was reviewed really well, the film was called You’re Next. It was the fan favorite and the internet chatter about it never ended. But it took YEARS before it finally came out during the summer and quickly left the theaters with little to no fanfare. If they had just grabbed it and put it out right after it’s festival run it would have done better.

One of the great things about the modern era of VOD and streaming films is the fact that companies like Netflix are getting more aggressive about obtaining new films. One of the latest that was in the festival circuit recently is the new film called Hush. The window between festival and streaming is getting narrower and narrower. Instead of years we are seeing titles in months or weeks even. This is a good thing.

There must be what seems like hundreds of movies with the title Hush and if you search on IMDB you will find many movies bearing this moniker. To be honest it is a generic name for a movie that exceeds these expectations.

Hush is a terrific new modern slasher film. A cat and mouse game with a twist. The main character in this film is deaf. This film is similar in tone to the Audrey Hepburn thriller Wait until Dark where Audrey was a blind woman whose apartment was invaded by a couple of murderous thieves. The sense of tension in both films is amped up due to the inability of the main character to hear or see what is coming.

UNSPECIFIED - FEBRUARY 25: Medium shot of Alan Arkin as Roat, holding knife, standing behind crouching Audrey Hepburn as Susy Hendrix. (Photo by Warner Bros./Getty Images)
Alan Arkin as Roat, holding knife, standing behind crouching Audrey Hepburn as Susy Hendrix. (Photo by Warner Bros./Getty Images)


I think Hush is best experienced without knowing much going in. I won’t recount the plot or give any details other than what I have already said. It is a tense and lean 81 minutes and it surely will fill the void for fans of the genre. The lead actress Kate Siegel, who also wrote it with the director, is terrific. She does not just wilt under the threat for sure.  The set up to create her isolation amidst the fact we have all this modern tech on display for her to use is smart and effective. They thought a lot about how to make this work.



The director Mike Flanagan has a sure handed direction and plays up to the expectations you have while watching the film and then some. It is a confident film from a relative newcomer. Blumhouse pictures released the film and have another winner on their hands here. Proving once again you don’t have to spend a lot to make a good movie. The film is basically 2 characters in one setting. And it works like gangbusters. I look forward to what this creative team makes next.

Do not watch the trailer, do not read anything else about it. Just queue it up in your Netflix list and have a good time!


Doug L. Doug is a lifelong film enthusiast and like a lot of others from that generation can trace it back to when he saw Star Wars as a kid in 1977 for the first time. He spent a good part of his formative years working in video stores jockeying VHS tapes across the counter. Doug genuinely enjoy movies in an irony-free way and love all kinds of films from the Arthouse to the Grindhouse. If anyone is going to take movies too seriously around here, it's gonna be him.