The Dark Tower Movie Finally Makes Sense [MASSIVE SPOILERS]

Militant Ginger
The Dark Tower novels are hugely important to me. I love Steven King as an author, but the adventures of fictional gunslinger Roland Deschain and his ‘ka-tet’ of friends hold an especially deep and meaningful place in my heart. That’s why early news about The Dark Tower movie being filmed in South Africa right now filled […]

A Guide to Working with Artists

Phil Buck
Sooooooo, you’ve got a great idea. You want to make the next big smartphone app, or a jingle for your small business, or like me, a comic book. You’ve got all the best-laid plans… But then you remember… “Oh yeah! I have no practice or discipline whatsoever in [insert required skill set here].” Sure, you might […]

The Problems with Owning DC Super-Pets

Christopher Peruzzi
No One is closer to You than Your Shape Changing Proto-Life Sidekick Alien Pet Sometime during the silver age of comics, around 1962, comic book writers thought it would be a “laugh riot” to give superheroes pets. After all, if people couldn’t crank up the yuck-machine after a monkey caused mass chaos in a housewife’s kitchen, then […]

Two Nights Of Garbage

The band Garbage is celebrating 21 years of angst-driven Art-Rock with a cracking new record and a world tour. ModCon02 happened to catch two of their shows 3 days apart. His report follows. July 27th – What The Hell Am I Doing In Sayreville, New Jersey? Despite a broken wrist and a non-functioning tail light- […]

And I Want to Ride Air New Zealand Even MORE Now!

Maddie Ferguson
Have you always wanted to go to New Zealand? Of course you have, the adorable native animals, that lovely accent c’mon it’s a place of dreams! Anywho, when thinking of traveling to New Zealand you have to think of the airline Air New Zealand. AIRNZ has become known for putting out hilarious safety videos, no […]

The Great Wall and the New Age of Blockbuster Movies!

Doug L.
For a long time now Hollywood has been courting the global film market in a way we have never seen. From the input of foreign money into backing U.S. Studios and film projects to the opening of films across the globe BEFORE the U.S. has a chance to see it, things are changing and changing […]

In Memoriam: Jerry Doyle

Jason Bennion
[This piece originally appeared in a slightly different form on Simple Tricks and Nonsense.]   Back in the mid-90s, just after I finished with college and was still struggling with the question of what I was supposed to do with my life, I spent a lot more time watching syndicated TV than I probably should […]

San Diego Comic-Con: After the Dust Settles

Damien Glonek
The Con is over, I made it back safe and sound and I’m sitting back at my desk reflecting the past week of madness. Even though Sunday is the last day of the show, it is no less crowded than any other day inside the convention center. The aisles are still packed, walking is still […]

TRAINSPOTTING 2: The 20 Year Tease

Wiizzy Wiig
After waiting 20 years for a sequel we finally have our first tease to Trainspotting 2, or as Danny Boyle sometimes likes to refer to it as T2 (Hope James Cameron doesn’t sue). Loosely based on Irvine Welsh’s sequel to Trainspotting; Porno or T2 finds Spud, Renton, Sick Boy, and Begbie crossing paths again, ten years later, this […]

What’s the Verdict on Star Trek: Beyond?

Militant Ginger
I saw Star Trek: Beyond on Friday – and, be warned, there are some vague and minor [SPOILERS] below. I’m not going to lie. I am not a fan of the J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboots. Right from the get-go, the movies have been mired in a host of problems; not least of which is […]