The Death of Disney Infinity Announced

Militant Ginger
Disney has announced that they’re discontinuing their Disney Infinity video game project. As a parent, there are always a gazillion things your kids demand you spend your hard-earned money on. Pokemon, Yo Kai, and Lego Dimensions figures are examples in our house (although the Lego figures are kind of for mom and dad, as well.) […]

What is the “Point Society”?

Militant Ginger
There’s a very sexy new series being teased on social media at the moment – Point Society. But despite all the fascinating teasers, there’s very little we know about the show for certain. Fortunately, I know one of the stars of the enigmatic series; so I asked her if she could shed any light on […]

Jumanji Remake Update: Featuring Jack Black!

Tim Makoid
OK this is just a quick update but I’m starting to get more excited for this Jumanji Remake we talked about a few days back. Look, I get it, it’s another remake of a CLASSIC film that probably shouldn’t be touched, but the thing is I believe the intentions are good. The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) […]

Of First Kisses and Purple Rain

Jason Bennion
[This piece originally appeared in a slightly different form on Simple Tricks and Nonsense.] The first girl I ever seriously kissed was a major Prince fan. I didn’t see the appeal. The appeal of Prince, I mean. The kiss was awesome. I can still remember it with almost shocking vividness. But Prince… really? Sure, “Let’s […]

‘Class’ – Sign Up For The New ‘Doctor Who’ Spin-Off

When it was announced that Doctor Who would be taking a leave of absence over the 2016 TV season, Whovians around the world gave an audible groan. No new ‘Who’ until 2017? Impossible! Unthinkable! How would we make it through the dark, ‘Who’-less days with only the prospect of one paltry Christmas Special to look […]

Game of Thrones Season 6 Ep 3 Review: “Oathbreaker”

Author’s Note: Spoilers Ahoy! “Oathbreaker” was great in that it introduced many new and interesting dynamics to explore amongst our favorite/least favorite Game of Thrones veterans.  The show has focused a lot on its roots recently, with large amounts of time spent reminding us that the Stark kids once had dire wolf pups, parents, and […]