Love Saves The Day

Wiizzy Wiig
Nestled on the bank of the Delaware River, in the heart of Bucks County in the state of Pennsylvania, is the town of New Hope. New Hope has long been identified as an “artist’s community” – a haven for the counter culture with local artist’s galleries and shops proudly displaying t-shirts emblazoned with Grateful Dead […]

Count Olaf – A Challenge to Act Badly

Christopher Peruzzi
Good Actors Play a Bad One Lemony Snicket introduces Count Olaf with the following quote: “The dreadful villainy of this vile fiend has haunted me since I first met him as a young man. And every night, as I continue to work on the Baudelaire case, I find myself weeping, thinking of his utter wickedness […]

Sherlock Hits It’s Highest Point In The Lying Detective

Militant Ginger
The hit BBC show Sherlock is wildly inconsistent in quality – but with the second episode of Season 4, it hit its highest note yet. Art imitates life. Or is that the other way around? In any event, I think a massive component of the creepy Sherlock episode The Lying Detective was missed on American […]

SPLIT: I Had High Hopes And It Delivered

Brando Calrissian
To say I was excited to see SPLIT would be an understatement. I remember last year when the trailer came out and I watched it twice, in a row, and then showed a few friends. I remember hearing the line, “Kevin has 23 distinct personalities inside his body” reverberate in my head and thinking about how […]

The Visit: Worth It

Sam 0