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Prometheus 2 is Now Called ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’?

Prometheus 2 is Now Called ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’?


So if you watch the clip above from Hey U Guys, Ridley clearly states that Prometheus 2 is no longer that name. It is now Alien: Paradise Lost. Hmm. WTF?

What does this mean for Neill Blomkamp’s Alien sequel? He seems to have put a lot of work into pre-production and story already. Has it been squashed before it begins? Neil’s idea was also to jettison two sequels in the series, namely 3 & 4 and just continue from Aliens.

Is this new information a shot across the bow at that movie?

The only thing I ever heard was there would be two concurrent sequels being made soon. One Alien 5 and one Prometheus 2. Maybe Ol’ Sir Ridley has decided to put the kibosh on that Alien film in order to make his film the featured player? I thought he was amenable to the whole idea? Or has Fox backed off too, thinking the whole thing would be too confusing for the public? I wondered if this really could happen. It seemed too good to be true.

The lukewarm reception to Prometheus certainly did no favors for the future of the film. Personally, I would like it to be Prometheus 2: Paradise Lost and then have Blomkamp do Alien 5 as well. But that’s my Alien fanboy just wishing for things here. Originally Prometheus was once called Alien: Engineers, so maybe they are just going back to those ideas from that script. Despite a lot of flaws Prometheus had a lot of good things going for it and I liked that it loosely connected the Alien films to it. I think there is plenty of story to tell before we even get back to the original Alien film timeline before we start crossing streams there.

Well, all we can do is stay tuned as Prometheus 2/Alien:Paradise Lost is supposed to begin filming early next year. Check in with Echo Base to find out if there are more changes to the story in the coming weeks. Sound off in the comments below about what you think of this news.

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  • Toby Wan-Kenobi

    As much as I hate to say it, but…..WHAAAAAAAAT? I mean, he can’t be serious right? I mean, I get the reference, but honestly, that’s right out of left field and kinda messes with anything Blomkamp is doing, so I’ll say it again….WHAAAAAT?

    • Doug L.

      I dunno, when he made Prometheus he said it was NOT an ALIEN film. Then he put that Alien in at the end. All I know is , I would like to see BOTH films, so whatever they call it doesn’t matter as long as we get the followup to Prometheus and a follow up to ALIEN