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Salt Lake ComicCon FanX March 2016 Cosplay Album

Salt Lake ComicCon FanX March 2016 Cosplay Album


I was honored to be invited by Filmulate Film Festivals and Create Reel Change to do a panel at this years Salt Lake ComicCon Fan Xperince. We had a great time talking about the history of DIY in film and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who skipped George Takei and the X-Files signing to come and see us! I don’t know if I could have done that myself…

After the panel was over, Maddie and I were excited to walk the floor, spend too much money on prints and comics, and snap pictures of all the fantastic cosplay. Thank you to everyone who stopped and let us take a photo!

If you’re in one of the pictures, feel free to comment below with Disqus or drop us an email at info@echoba.se if you’d like us to add your information!











Cosplayer: Ekalb the Elf





Tim Makoid 1/2 of the Tech/UX team duo, General Tim. As a kid Tim struggled with attention issues and always had that “doesn’t pay attention in class” bullshit on his report cards, despite good grades. It’s mostly because he was too busy reading comic books, trade mags, or playing game boy under his desk. He’s never been too good at sticking with one thing either. Despite his certain obsessions, he’s always been interested in all realms of geekhood: video games, comic books, comedy, movies, books, computers, user experience, development and music across all genres and types. “I’ve dabbled in everything. Hence why EchoBa.se is such a great home for me. I don’t often frequent just one corner of the internet because I’m always looking for different points of view, and this place has that!”
  • Erica Hale

    Thanks for posting the Bob’s Burgers pic of me and my sibs! This year’s FanX was a blast. 🙂

    • I had to post it as the first picture, even before the Star Wars pics, because I just kept looking at it and cracking up how much you 3 nailed the expressions! haha