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San Diego Comic-Con: The Calm Before the Storm

San Diego Comic-Con: The Calm Before the Storm


San Diego Comic-Con, the Mecca of all things popular culture.  There is no other convention like it.

It is not just the convention, it is the location, the hype, the crowds, the reveals, it is everything.  I have been vending at conventions for over 20 years, and I have never experienced anything like San Diego Comic-Con. It is definitely something every fan should experience once in their lifetime.  This will be my 13th consecutive year vending here.  I’ve seen the con change a lot over the past 13 years, from it being a cooler underground art driven show with more independent companies to Hollywood coming in with giant displays and booths forcing the little guys out.  From anyone and everyone being able to go to the con reaching capacity and selling out in hours.


San Diego Comic-Con: The Calm Before the Storm
Are we there yet?


For the next week I will try to give you a behind the scenes perspective of what it is like being on the other side of the booth.  Avoiding the crowds, not getting all the latest announcements and looking forward to the day finally being over and getting something to eat and sit down.

For us comic con preparation starts a good two months before the con even starts.  Trying to map our booth set up, gather all the samples that will be on display, get banners, post cards and catalogs printed.  Get everything  shipped out on time and arrive safely at the convention center.

San Diego down by the harbor and the Gaslamp district is beautiful this time of year.  While it is hot and humid as fuck back home, the weather is perfect here.  We arrive on Monday before the con, this is our chance to prepare and brace ourselves for the upcoming onslaught of insanity the week will bring.  It is our only real chance to leisurely wander around town while it is empty and take in the sights before 120,000+ fanboys descend upon  this small area for the next five days.  It really is quite a sight to see how empty this town can be and all the signs and structures begin to be built when in a matter of a day everything is transformed to fight for your attention and you just want people to get out of your way.


San Diego Comic-Con: The Calm Before the Storm
I don’t believe in fairy tales about chakras, or energy, or the power of belief. I believe in Comic-Con.


San Diego Comic-Con: The Calm Before the Storm
Screw you guys… I’m not going home!


San Diego Comic-Con: The Calm Before the Storm
Conan, you’re so big!


Today our leisurely day around town consisted of lunch, then a showing of Ghostbusters, which I have to say, I thought the trailers looked absolutely unfunny and completely dreadful, but I really enjoyed this movie and laughed throughout.  Then came a long walk around the harbor and dinner.

Rest up people, tomorrow we begin to build the booth and start one of busiest days of the week!




Damien Glonek Damien is one of the Co-Creators of Living Dead Dolls (The world's longest continuing running horror themed dolls series) as well as the Director of Development at Mezco Toyz. He is also a contributing writer and artist for EvilSpeak magazine as well as previously having contributed to Ultraviolent Magazine. He has been actively vending at horror conventions around the country for the last 20 years beginning with his (now-closed) horror memorabilia company Unearthly Possessions. When not doing all of the above he submerges himself in all aspects of the horror genre and is a big collector of original horror movie posters mostly from the 60s-80s.