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Stan Lee and Hiroshi Nagahama Announce New Animated Series ‘The Reflection’

Stan Lee and Hiroshi Nagahama Announce New Animated Series ‘The Reflection’


To kick off his 5th annual comic convention, Comikaze, Stan Lee opened the con with a panel including Hiroshi Nagahama, director of Mushishi, and they together announced that coming in the Fall of 2016 they would be airing a 12 episode series called ‘The Reflection.’

The video above was posted by Japanese animation production company Studio DEEN, which is working in collaboration with Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment. According to a press statement (PDF) from POW!, “The show will be developed first for Japanese Television and will then expand internationally.”

From the video we hear Stan Lee say, “What would happen if a large group of humans throughout the planet suddenly gained mighty super powers?” Other questions arise about what decisions these people would make, how would they use their powers. Stan Lee mentioned at Comikaze a villain named “The Darkness” and a hero named “The Adjuster”.


During the panel they talked about how it feels like the comic book stories from the 60s, real moral dilemma, good vs. evil, choose a side stuff. From first watch of the teaser and the discussion I didn’t really get the sense that the show would be aiming for humor at all. There’s apparently an army on the evil side and only a handful of heros, and the fate of humanity rests in their hands. But if you take a look at that teaser, there are a lot of characters shown. We see your traditional X-face latex suit dude and big bulky armor bad guy. Then there’s some floaty storm looking women and a guy with electric coming out of his eyes, all pretty standard. But then things start moving fast. Is that a werewolf? A robot? Animated Stan Lee!?

According to the press release from Studio DEEN, “Please look forward to the collaboration project of the world’s attention “American comic × Japan animation” (google translation).

So anyway there you have it. A new, animated, 12 episode series coming fall 2016 between legendary Japanese and American artists. We’ll let you know if there’s any more info from the floor about it. What do you think?

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