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Lego Batman’s NEW Trailer Sets the Bar High

Militant Ginger
Damn, LEGO Batman. Back at it again with the fine trailers! Ben Affleck might be excited at the news of his Batman solo outing, but he’s got some stiff competition to live up to. The LEGO Batman movie released a second trailer this week; neatly lampooning every caped crusader incarnation since the 1960s. I’m looking forward […]

April 14th, 2016: News Roundup

Tim Makoid
I think we’re going to start doing “news roundup” type posts around here for all the stories we don’t get to but would love to discuss. Here’s a few that are floating around that are pretty interesting, especially with Cinemacon just ending. According to the Jurassic World Twitter account, “The #JurassicWorld Sequel will be released on […]

‘Batman V Superman’: Wonder Woman Wins.

I’m gonna try and make this quick, but ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is an unwieldy beast of a movie and I’m not sure I can unpack my reaction to it in 600 words or less. I’ll try, but I make no promises. Spoilers ahead, but frankly, if you’ve seen the 200 trailers this […]

Batman V Superman: Haters Shouldn’t Hate

Militant Ginger
There’s a video circulating around of #sadfleck – Ben Affleck’s face as he hears that the reviews of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice aren’t that good. You can watch it here. But Ben needn’t fret – I just walked out of the cinema with a big smile on my face The pre-emptive critics and […]

Batman v Superman Sneak Peek Clip!

Doug L.
Tonight was the debut of a short clip from the upcoming epic movie showdown! Have a look and see what Superman has done with Batman. It seems Superman has Batman locked up somewhere and things do not look too good for him. We get a good look at Affleck in the suit with and without […]