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Sherlock Holmes: Rating 10 Actors – Part One

Christopher Peruzzi
The Game is Afoot Of all the literary figures I’ve read throughout my lifetime, hands down, my favorite has been the great detective, Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I was lucky enough to get into Holmes early in life when my eighth-grade literature teacher decided he was going to spend a few weeks […]

Comparing Doctor Strange: Comic Book vs Movie

Christopher Peruzzi
Only Good Things Deserve “Cumberbatch-ing” There are few things a real comic book fanboy can do to get his superhero rush jonesing more than watching the Doctor Strange movie. They are the following: Getting art lessons from Steve Ditko, actually receiving real super powers, and dating someone that gets your juices flowing – in that […]

Doctor Strange Adds Rachel McAdams

Doug L.
Count me into the crowd of n00b’s that know NOTHING much at all about Doctor Strange. I never read the comics or really understood what he is supposed to be in relation to the Marvel world. I’m sure many geeks on this site can fill me in though. When it was announced that Benedict Cumberbatch […]