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An Illustrator’s View on the Legendary Jack Kirby

Christopher Peruzzi
Among the founding fathers of today’s popular superheroes, there is one man who has earned the legendary title of “king”. That is Jack “King” Kirby. Jack Kirby was born Jacob Kurtzberg in 1917. He was responsible for creating a huge part of the Marvel Universe. Beginning with Captain America, Kirby also created The Fantastic Four, […]

The Softer Side to Marvel’s Bad Guys

Christopher Peruzzi
Not a Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy When we were children some parents said comic books would rot our brains out. I don’t know any of those parents. My dad was cool, he kept comic books in our camper for long trips. My dad wasn’t a comic book maniac, but he did pick up […]

Jonathan Hickman Must Be Stopped

Frederick Seton
Franklin Richards is probably the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe that you’ve never heard of. The son of Susan and Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, Franklin is a mutant with with the ability to alter the rules of reality itself. His breadth and scope of his abilities causes Norse Gods to soil themselves, […]

Marvel’s Secret Wars: The Review So Far

Issue #5 hit the stands this week (this book was supposed to be issue #4, but that’s another story). We are three mere books from the end of the saga and the fate of the Marvel Universes. So how is the story so far? Is it worth the wait? *Some spoilers ahead* (but less than […]