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Count Olaf – A Challenge to Act Badly

Christopher Peruzzi
Good Actors Play a Bad One Lemony Snicket introduces Count Olaf with the following quote: “The dreadful villainy of this vile fiend has haunted me since I first met him as a young man. And every night, as I continue to work on the Baudelaire case, I find myself weeping, thinking of his utter wickedness […]

Sinisterly Sad & Mirthfully Morose: A Lemony Snicket Reader

If I were Lemony Snicket, this article would begin by telling you to stop reading. I would politely suggest that your time might be better spent perusing recipies for marmalade. Or perhaps a picture book of puppies dressed up as movie stars. I would further urge you to avoid any attempt by me, Lemony Snicket, […]