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Behind the Scenes of “Spider-Man Lives!”

Militant Ginger
Yesterday we shared Spider-Man Lives, a brilliant fan-film production exploring the origins of Miles Morales, the ‘new’ Spider-Man. Today, we got to chat with Chad Horn, the producer of the 10-minute Indie film (photos courtesy of Jonathan Zuck.) So… what on earth inspired you to make an indie movie in the first place, and why […]

Miles Morales Gets His Time to Shine in Spider-Man Lives

Militant Ginger
We were all stoked by the news that Spider-Man will be returning home next summer, to star alongside Captain America and Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War. But some of us were disappointed that they went with classic Peter Parker Spider-Man, instead of new-kid-in-the-neighborhood Miles Morales. Well, for those of us who felt like that, […]