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Monster Trucks

Militant Ginger
As part of my new year’s resolution not to be a cynical jackass, I took my kids to the new Nickelodeon movie, Monster Trucks, with an open-mind. And I had a much better time as a result. It would be super-easy to be cynical about Monster Trucks, the $125 million blockbuster made by Paramount Pictures […]

‘NickToons’ to be Directed by Jared Hess, might just be my 90’s Nickelodeon Cartoon Fantasy

Maddie Ferguson
Let’s face it, you definitely watched Nickelodeon in the 90’s. I don’t care what age you were at the time, young and old alike could delight in any of the shows Nick had playing. Well OK maybe my mother didn’t understand CatDog but she struggled with the eternal discomfort of not understanding how they poop, which is completely fair. […]

WIWS #2: My Top 3 Favorite Websites To Visit When I’m Bored

  Hello, and welcome to “While I Was Surfing #2”. These “WIWS” articles are basically where I showcase the things I find around the web when I am not working on news and reviews for Echo Base. Last time, I did an article about the sea-themed Industrial-Electro band Squid Lid. You should check that out, too. […]