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Well *I* Liked It! A Defiant Defense of ‘Resident Evil’

The (allegedly) Final Installment in the absurdly long running ‘Resident Evil’ movie series comes to theaters this week. ModCon takes this as his cue to argue the merits of another in an increasingly long list of Lost Causes… First off, I’m talking about the FIRST of the 33 or so ‘Resident Evil’ movies made so […]

Have Zombies Been Exhausted from 2000-Present?

Maddie Ferguson
I was roaming the internet, looking for movies to watch or upcoming films I needed to be aware of, and like any good young millennial my favorite genre is horror. The blood and gutsier the better! I’ve said it before, my friend and I created the BEST themed night ever, called zombie-sushi-beer night (we weren’t […]