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Casting Number 13: Who Will Be The Next Doctor Who?

Current Doctor Peter Capaldi has confirmed that the upcoming series of Doctor Who will be his last. Which means that for Whovians everywhere it’s time to start making a list of possible replacements. (It’s part of the grieving process. Don’t come at me.) This is the look on millions of Whovians’ faces right about now. […]

‘Doctor Who’ & The Evolving Companion.

The Imminent Arrival Of A New Companion To ‘Doctor Who’ Has ModCon02 In A Reflective Mood. Watch Out For Shrapnel, Comrades… Being a ‘Doctor Who’ fan can be nerve-wracking. If you are old enough to have been a fan of the show prior to the “Glorious Resurrection” by Russell T Davies in 2005, you carry […]

Doctor Who Rocks the Season 9 Opener!

Three minutes into The Magician’s Apprentice and I was hooked for the season… in fact, I think I was on the floor after the pre-credits sequence. There’s really no way to discuss the episode without spoilers (sweetie) so here’s the warning: SPOILERS AHEAD. I didn’t get to see the episode on Saturday as I was […]