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Well *I* Liked It! A Defiant Defense of ‘Resident Evil’

The (allegedly) Final Installment in the absurdly long running ‘Resident Evil’ movie series comes to theaters this week. ModCon takes this as his cue to argue the merits of another in an increasingly long list of Lost Causes… First off, I’m talking about the FIRST of the 33 or so ‘Resident Evil’ movies made so […]

Chuck Tingle’s Weird-Ass Books Are Becoming a Video Game!

Militant Ginger
It’s weird when two figures from opposing sides of your world collide in the most unexpected way. As a best-selling self-published author, I have nothing but admiration for Chuck Tingle, the mysterious man behind the Hugo Award Winning Space Raptor Butt Invasion and Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt. His ridiculous but topical erotic shorts […]

New Trailer for Duncan Jones’ Warcraft Movie

Doug L.
I’ll be honest, I have never played Warcraft or had any desire to. When I heard about this movie I was not really fazed or all that interested in it. But there is a huge fanbase for this out there and the movie is coming out next summer. In the the theatrical void of another […]

Breaking News: Dying Light Drops New DLC Teaser

Toby Wan-Kenobi
Dying Light just dropped another teaser for it’s new DLC “The Following”. Although no date for the release has been announced yet, fans of the game will surely be delighted to see it’s new addition… a zombie crushing dune buggy. In a message to fans, Techland had the following to say: Dear Dying Light fan, We […]

Holy Mana, Battle Chasers Returns? Kickstarter launched today!

Jake De Great
Battle Chasers has an opportunity to return through Kickstarter. Boy, I never thought that title would be written in my lifetime. Around 14 years ago, Joe Madureira created this unique world of fantasy, steampunk (before we called it steampunk), mystical martial arts and adventure in a little book called Battle Chasers. The comic book completely blew me […]

Lionsgate Working on “Borderlands” Movie

With tentative excitement and expectations firmly held in check, it has been anounced that Lionsgate is currently developing a movie based on the Borderlands video game franchise. Producers Avi and Ari Arad will be giving their take on the immensely popular first person shooter action-rpg. The original game was released in 2009, and has enjoyed great success, having sold almost 30 million […]

Pre-Order Just Cause 3 Day 1 Edition and…Win an Island?!?!

You are reading that right. If you grab up the Day 1 Edition of Just Cause 3 via pre-order, you could have a chance at winning your own island. Announced by publisher Square Enix this morning, players of the pre-ordered version of JC3D1 can enter a contest, in which the goal will be to score the most chaos points […]

“We Happy Few” Meets Funding Goals, Gets Early Access Release This Holiday Season

After a successful stint on Kickstarter (almost $335,000, well over their original $250,000 goal), We Happy Few will see an early release on both Steam and Xbox One this holiday season. First announced in February of this year, We Happy Few is set in a dystopian tangential version of 1960’s England, where residents of the fictional town of Wellington Wells […]

New Final Fantasy VII: Remake or Continuation?

Shane deLumeau
When Square announced the Final Fantasy VII remake at E3, the internet lit-up in a flurry of spastic conversations around the video game trailer. It mainly consisted of “Holy sh*t!” “OMG!” and “My pants are wet!” This wasn’t just some upscaled graphics to play on modern consoles. This was a flat out new game with […]
So Many Me Title Screen

Losing my mind with “So Many Me”

Tim Makoid
Game Title: So Many Me Platforms: OUYA and Steam (PC/Mac/Linux); Xbox One We Reviewed On: Xbox One So here’s the deal. I’m actually only 40.56% of the way through this game but I really wanted to give a quick review because today (August 15th, 2015) is THE LAST DAY that you can get this game for FREE from […]