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‘Tales of Halloween’ is a New Scary Treat For Fans

‘Tales of Halloween’ is a New Scary Treat For Fans


Back in 1982 when John Carpenter was approached for a 3rd sequel to Halloween, he adamantly insisted the story was dead and that there was no more mileage to gain from Michael Meyers story. So he and partner Deborah Hill came up with an idea for an anthology of stories that would use the Halloween moniker and be released each October to hungry horror fans waiting for a new treat. Once they released Halloween III to near universal commercial failure, critically the producers quickly dropped the idea and went back to the well for the rest of the Halloween franchise, killing and re-killing Michael over and over again.

Now here we are 30 plus years later and a team of filmmakers have picked up the torch from where Carpenter and company left off. Tales of Halloween is a new anthology film from a group of independent filmmakers working in and amongst the horror genre. I love a good anthology film. There are some good ones from back in the day like Creepshow, Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside, Vault of Horror, and Black Sabbath just to name a few. Recently Trick ‘r Treat came around to take the crown of most Halloween films about Halloween itself. This new project looks to be challenging that film for the title. I have not heard much about it overall but early reviews are mostly positive. You can see the trailer below.

The short films and directors on the project are:

1. Sweet Tooth (Dir: Dave Parker)

2. The Night Billy Raised Hell (Dir: Darren Lynn Bousman)

3. Trick (Dir: Adam Gierasch)

4. The Weak and the Wicked (Dir: Paul Solet)

5. Grim Grinning Ghost (Dir: Axelle Carolyn)

6. Ding Dong (Dir: Lucky McKee)

7. This Means War (Dir: John Skipp & Andrew Kasch)

8. Friday the 31st (Dir: Mike Mendez)

9. The Ransom of Rusty Rex (dir: Ryan Schifrin)

10. Bad Seed (dir: Neil Marshall)



Tales of Halloween hits VOD on October 16th

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