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Tom Hiddleston for The Saint?

Tom Hiddleston for The Saint?


As I mentioned in my Saintly wish-list, if the rumors of a new Saint movie are true, you need to have an amazing actor to take the leading role.

And to my mind, there’s only one choice.

If rumors are true, and Tom Hiddleston isn’t donning James Bond’s Walther PPK, then Paramount pictures need to confirm him as The Saint. He’s the perfect choice to play the smiling, suave, and deadly Simon Templar.

Tom Hiddleston is right for The Saint for all the reasons he’s wrong for Bond. He isn’t a ‘blunt instrument’. He isn’t a brooding, emotionally-retarded loner. There’s not a misogynistic bone in his body.

Tom Hiddleston is effortlessly charming. His easy smile challenges male heterosexuality at every turn. And, as we saw with his iconic portrayal of Loki, he can turn that charm into cunning at the drop of a hat. He is everything Simon Templar is supposed to be; and he’s at the right age, and the right point in his career, to make this a role even more memorable than that of Loki.

As more and more movie franchises go ‘dark and gritty’ we need some sunshine and sexiness, and Hiddles has that in droves. He also has the class, style, and looks to match. I just hope Hollywood is brave enough to do something with it.

Because if there’s one thing the movies get wrong about suave, sexy British heroes, it’s that they forget that smiling is as significant and suaveness. If you remember the classic 1960s TV show The Avengers, starring Patrick MacNee, the character of John Steed was so beloved because he had a quip and a smirk despite whatever murderous plot he encountered.

In the 1990s, when Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman paired up for a modern-day retelling of the television classic, Fiennes played Steed as a po-faced, uptight Brit with his trademark umbrella seemingly shoved up his posterior. It was one of the reasons the movie bombed at the box office.

So, Saintly producers. Go for Hiddleston. Let him smile. And give birth to a new incarnation of The Saint that a whole new generation can fall in love with.

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  • Wiizzy Wiig

    Whatever they do, I hope to God they give Val Kilmer a cameo somewhere in the movie. If not Val then Elizabeth Shue.

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