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“Morgan”; How Have We Not Seen This Trailer Yet?!

“Morgan”; How Have We Not Seen This Trailer Yet?!


Where has this movie been? I have seen/heard literally nothing about it until today; and I am pumped! It kind of looks to me like a mash up of Hanna, with a bit of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Seems like science is getting the better of this crew, and eventually it goes further than any of them could have ever predicted.


After this trailer I definitely have some concerns about the foundation of this movie, it is going down the treacherous path of genetics, development, and evolution into the future which can be a lot to hold up. Will they be able to get me believing in the ‘science’ in the movie? Or will I find it all to fantastic and intangible and never really buy into it? Really overall, this trailer looks promising and if nothing else a good action/thriller.

BUT WAIT!!! Have you looked at the cast? But really have you?! The beloved Ygritte, Rose Leslie as the lead along with Kate Mara who I originally fell for back in her 2007 Shooter days; Jennifer Jason Leigh most recently in The Hateful EightAnya Taylor-Joy who gave a haunting performance in The WitchPaul Giamatti who I freaking love to hate, such a great bad guy; Toby Jones who when I looked into his IMDB history is only in movies/shows that I have loved; and Michelle Yeoh who is so fierce on screen, I don’t watch Marco Polo, which her character Lotus flits in and out of, but I hear it’s great!



This is a killer cast and makes me pretty excited for September 2nd when the movie releases! Even if there are shortcomings in the story-line, this is a crew that can keep me watching.


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  • Wiizzy Wiig

    Has an Ex Machina vibe to it. Hope it’s just as good as that was. For the record Ex Machina was my favorite film of 2015. Yes, even over Force Awakens and Fury Road. So IMHO it’s got that going for it. And It looks like Jennifer Jason Leigh is making a bit of a come back/return to film. H8teful Eight and now this.