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Unite 2015 Game Giveaway: We Have a Winner!!!

Unite 2015 Game Giveaway: We Have a Winner!!!


Ori Unity 2

As promised, during our time at the Unite 2015 Boston Conference, we held a contest. The rules were simple:

Any time you would see the hashtag #Unite2015 in our social media posts, interact with us via that Echo Base Facebook or Twitter post. Each interaction would be considered an entry into the contest. And on Friday, September 25th, at 12:00 noon, a winner would be announced.

Well, you guys came out in full-force. We saw a ton of interaction. And we were able to get a Hell of a drawing going for the winner of the Unite 2015 Game Giveaway.

The mystical Echo Base Randomizer held sway over the proceedings, and it kept the giveaway impartial and fair. Every single one of you had a chance to win. We wanted to do it this way, because whether you gave us one like on one form of social media, or 1,000 likes across all of our accounts, we wanted to make sure everyone had the opportunity to walk away with a badass Unity-built game. Namely, the newly-crowned “Best 2D Visual Experience” winner, Ori and the Blind Forest, available for Xbox One and PC.

And wouldn’t you know it? One of you totally won!

So please, join me in congratulating the winner of the Unite 2015 Game Giveaway…

Greg Kendrick!!!!!


Greg Kendrick (@LambentLocusts), a HUGE congratulations to you from the Echo Base team on your win! Your participation in our contest helped spread the word about Echo Base, and we adore you for it. We’re happy to give this game to you, and we are thrilled you’ve decided to spend your time checking out what we do. We will be in contact with you shortly, so we can figure out how best to get you your prize!

To everyone else that supported Echo Base during our time at Unite 2015 Boston, we cannot thank you enough, and we look forward to the next time we get to do a contest! Somebody else will get a chance to win an amazing prize!!!


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