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Unite 2015: Unity Awards Winners!

Unite 2015: Unity Awards Winners!



As the last day approaches of Unite 2015 Boston, the excitement here has reached a fever pitch. Everyone from every corner of the gaming and software development industry has come out in full support of the Unity engine and their fellow developers.

Tonight, in the hallowed halls of the John B. Hynes Memorial Convention Center, Unity recognizes the people that have supported and utilized their engine to create and innovate.

So now, the moment that we at Echo Base have all been waiting for, the winners of the 2015 Unity Awards!

Best 3D Visual Experience

Endless Legend|Amplitude Studios

Best 2D Visual Experience

Ori and the Blind Forest|Moon Studios GmbH

Best Gameplay

Kerbal Space Program|Squad

Best VizSim Project

Parachute Training Simulator|Pennant PLC

Best Non-Game Project

UEFA Champions League Nissan Orchestra|Wasd Studio

Best VR Experience

Tiltbrush|Skillman & Hackett, Google

Asset Store Award

Chronos – Time Control|Ludiq

Best Student Project

Anarcute|Supinfogame Rubika

Community Award

Kerbal Space Program|Squad

And the winner of the Golden Cube Award…

Cities Skylines|Colossal Order

And so, as we depart for the second of three days devoted to all things Unity, we wish our most sincere and heartfelt congratulations to all of the winners and nominees for the 2015 Unity Awards. Please be sure to support these developers; they are finding ways, in these strenuous economic times, to bring their passions to life. Not only is the work they do for the sake of art and entertainment; their efforts pioneer the way we will utilize and implement technology across many industries in the years to come.

Reminder! We’re giving away a free copy of “Ori and the Blind Forest”, all you need to do is go to our Facebook or Twitter page and like, comment and/or share any of our posts with the #Unite2015 tag (each interaction counts as an entry!). Check out our contest page for rules, contest ends today!


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  • David Bertucci

    congrats. Skylines is a masterpiece.

  • Couldn’t agree more. I only ever played it at my buddy’s house. I’m downloading it the moment I get home from Boston.