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The Walking Dead S7E12 Review: “Say Yes”

The Walking Dead S7E12 Review: “Say Yes”


Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Turn back now if you haven’t seen this week’s episode, if you have, let’s get busy.



Alternative titles to this weeks episode:

Gunning for Guns or Carnival of Horrors!

The point of this week’s outing was to get guns. Rick and Michonne were on a multi-day honeymoon/road-trip to get the weapons to secure their alliance with the trash cult. Rosita, unhappy with inaction, went on a one-woman mission to do the same.


The Honeymoon

Rick and Michonne had some fun banter on their mission, especially Rick’s speech about how they should be able to live without each other. Recall a certain other wife of Rick’s horrible baby-birthing death. Michonne also had loved ones she lost, and she turned them into armless/jawless pack mules that she cut loose without hesitation back in season 3. Why the sentimentality now? What’s made you so soft, Michonne?

What a lovely candlelit dinner.


Anyway, that fatal sentimentality got put to the test with a classic Walking Dead death fake-out. Of course Rick wasn’t being devoured by a mindless horde, but Michonne wouldn’t know that I guess, so the fake-out was mostly on her. Anyway, as promised, she could not live without Rick, lost her will to fight, and dropped her sword. Thankfully, Rick burst from a metal container and threw her the katana in time.

Oh no, Rick got eaten… oh wait he’s fine.


The carnival did provide many fun moments, including Rick and Michonne laughing about the possibility of getting guns from the army camp and then dropping out of frame as the rotted roof gave way underneath them. It was a fun few moments as the camera lingered on the now-empty frame before cutting to commercial.

It was also neat to see Rick and Michonne try to use a dead car to block zombies only to discover that it had no brakes. Whoops! So they had to ride it straight into the large group of walkers instead. Rick also had to pull a zombie from that same car’s windshield piece by piece as they peeled off: a nice gory sight-gag.

In the end they got the guns and brought them back to trash-land crazy-town (does this place have a name?). Well, it wasn’t enough. No cultists for you, Rick!

Come on, don’t make us sit through another Fetch Quest. I mean, it would be one thing if at least their efforts had paid off. But no, the guns were not enough. Rick did manage to negotiate to keep some of the guns for his people.  But those were his guns already. Why should Jadis get to keep anything if she is not willing to keep up her end of the bargain yet? Why can’t the cultists come help fetch the guns?

Thanks for the guns, Rick.  Now bring me an unspecified additional number until I decide that I am satisfied.


Either way, Rick should really nail down what number of guns will be sufficient for the cult. Otherwise, these leeches can just keep asking for more from the gun-dispensing Alexandrians. Bad negotiating, Rick! No wonder Hilltop and the Kingdom won’t fight with you.


Never Listen to Gabriel

The highlight of “Say Yes” was Rosita’s frustrated confrontation with Gabriel. Why had she listened to him? Beats me, Gabriel says, that’s on stupid you for listening to stupid me. At least he has some self-awareness.

Rosita went out to also try and fetch guns on this week’s B plot. Unfortunately, all she got for her trouble was a neat-looking bloated woman zombie and a cap gun. A cap gun! Oops. Looks like no one gets what they want tonight.

She did get a sniper rifle at the end of the night, presumably from Rick’s new stash, which she secreted over to Hilltop to give to Sasha so they can snipe Negan or die trying. I mean, how many times can a baseball bat block a bullet? Rosita may soon find out!


Tara’s Indecision

Tara also had to decide this week if she would tell Rick about the ladies-only community chock-full of guns over at Oceanside. It would likely come to war, she concluded, before not concluding anything else.

To tell Rick or not to tell Rick, that is still the question.

The Results

Rick and Michonne got some guns, but it wasn’t enough.

Rosita got a cap gun, decided not to keep it, and then came up with a plan to kill Negan or die trying (pretty sure that’s already the plan).

Tara continued to not decide whether to tell Rick about Oceanside, until the very end… before fading to black.

So, uh… pretty much treaded water on this one.



Photos by Gene Page/AMC

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