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The Walking Dead S7E15 Review: “Something They Need”

The Walking Dead S7E15 Review: “Something They Need”


Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Turn back now if you haven’t seen this week’s episode, if you have, come ashore.


Shifting Loyalties

We opened tonight in Negan’s naughty closet, just as predicted by a certain reviewer (*cough cough*) after Sasha’s single woman rampage. Unfortunately, we have no idea if she actually killed anyone with all of those gunshots, since we didn’t get to see the rampage. She seemed unhurt, and Negan seemed pretty forgiving (though he was also pretty forgiving of Carl after he gunned down several of his men in front of him). Rapey Dave mentioned being the third guy with the rope, so it sounds like she went in guns blazing and got tackled/captured almost immediately? I guess that would’ve been embarrassing to show the audience!

Negan doesn’t tolerate rape. Just “consensual” wife-swapping.


Either way, Negan just admires those beach ball sized lady nuts!  Really, his admiration of bold single-person suicide missions has become a solid character trait. Speaking of Negan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan did another fantastic job this week delivering a menacing, yet compelling, threat-vitation to Sasha. Why not join up with the Saviors? He did just protect her from rapey-Dave. And Eugene seems to like it okay. Make the right select, Sasha!

In a terribly creepy whine, Sasha attempted to manipulate Eugene into giving her a weapon, presumably to fulfill her kill-Negan-and-die-trying plan. Instead, the big dope brought her the “suicide” pill he had made and withheld from Negan’s wives a few weeks ago. It was also a cute bit of irony how he described to Sasha being conned to make the pill as he was being conned by Sasha to get the pill. She seemed bemused to see Eugene had not delivered her a cutting weapon but a poisonous one. The question now is will she be able to use it?

Goddamn it, Eugene.  I asked for a sharp weapon to kill myself!


The Snake in the Grass

Rosita also had a surprise for Rick’s group: Dwight. I guess we can assume he voluntarily fled with her from Sanctuary on the night of the suicide mission. Now he is Rick’s prisoner, begging for a chance to help them kill Negan. Dwight’s dedication to the Savior cause has always been iffy, starting with his escape attempt with Daryl back in Season 6. Getting his face ironed, losing his wife (first to Negan, then because of Negan), and being replaced with the more slavish and mewling Eugene has not done anything to bolster his loyalty. That look he shot Eugene a few weeks ago when Eugene definitively stated that he was Negan said it all: “you’re really into this, aren’t you?” Dwight, clearly, is not. Now we shall see if a) Rick trusts him and b) whether he is trustworthy. As comic readers know, Dwight’s meeting with Rick is a pivotal moment. Good to see we’re still on track.


And Now We’re Off Track

Tara finally gave Rick the info he needed for the siege on Oceanside. They have guns. They have hatred for the Saviors. They have barnacle-covered zombies. What’s there not to love?

Rick and co. chased the women and children out of their settlement by planting bombs outside it (you’d think they’d want to stay inside in that case). Thankfully, no one was killed (seriously, there were multiple bombs and gunshots and no one was even hurt). I do suppose that would have been inconvenient to Rick’s plan to convince the women and children to fight the Saviors, but it did ratchet the tension way down. Anyway, after wrangling all of these women and children, Rick’s crew fought alongside them against the aforementioned barnacle-zombie wave (as always, first-rate makeup).

But the Walking Dead is a horror show, so to see a siege with explosives, guns, and a herd of walkers end with a single smack on the head was pretty lame. It was the type of action scene suitable for ABC Family!

“Thanks for putting us all in danger and stealing our weapons.”


After the fight, Rick and co. robbed the women and children of all their guns, offering them an open invitation to join the fight if they wish. Tara also got to give a nice middle finger farewell to her rival and little girl Rachel, and she got to thank/flirt with Cyndie, who had released her previously.

The goodbye Oceanside deserves.


Loose Ends

Okay, so now Rick has the guns to give to the trash cult to buy an alliance to fight the Saviors. And the women of Oceanside are (maybe) ready to fight alongside them. And Sasha is in Negan’s clutches/employ with Eugene. And Dwight is (maybe) ready to betray Negan. And Carol is ready to join the fight with woke Morgan and the Kingdom. And Maggie and Gregory had an awkward blueberry/zombie palaver with no clear resolution as to who is really in charge at Hilltop (though Maggie definitely came out looking better).

Pregnant Maggie with a trawl is far more dangerous than Gregory with a knife.


Oh, and next week is the season finale. Good luck wrapping up anything even close to that list! And as for the ‘All Out War’? It might be another long summer until Season 8. I just hope this time we don’t have to wait to see which of our favorite heroes kicked the bucket.



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