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They want to do WHAT to the Tower of Terror!?!

They want to do WHAT to the Tower of Terror!?!


According to this report from MiceChat, a very reputable source for all things Disney News, there are some major changes taking place at DisneyLand Resort / Disney California Adventure Park. Apparently they’re in the midst of a big budget cut to make numbers look better for Wall Street investors. What this has translated to so far is less employees, shorter park hours, and closures of some restaurants and random locations throughout the park, which according to MiceChat has been making the weekdays feel like weekends.

That same report also made mention of this disturbing piece of news:

“Elsewhere in DCA, a wild rumor got out earlier this spring about a plan to remake Tower of Terror into a Guardians of the Galaxy ride. We can tell you that the Guardians of the Galaxy rumor is true, and TDA’s executive suite was furious when the rumor leaked out from Glendale-based sources.”

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - (almost) Twin Libraries - Redux

Dude, the Tower of Terror is a work of art.


That is just terrible. I’m definitely thankful it’s only happening at the California location for now as far as we know. The rumors sound solid. They come from ride employees who have seen executives and imagineers on the set preparing for the changes and testing out intro scenes and things like that. According to MiceChat: “[they were] testing and experimenting with the new show in the elevators for months and the Tower of Terror hourly CM’s were all aware of what WDI had been cooking up since this winter” 

Hopefully that means if it were happening in Florida too, we would know about it.


You may be thinking, wait this isn’t so bad! Nerdist did a write up and they seem pretty happy about it. As they point out “To those who balk at the idea, would it really be that far fetched? I mean the way Star-Lord handles the Milano, I can imagine a whole lot of crazy space traffic and complete terror with villains always on the team’s tail.” But that’s far from my problem with it. That sounds like a great ride! I’d love that ride. Just do it somewhere else.

The Twilight Zone set design and storyline that’s tied to that ride now is incredible.

tower of terror lobby hollywood tower hotel


When the one in Florida first opened in the early 90s my dad and I immediately made plans to go do it. We went for my birthday in January if I remember correctly. My mom used to work at DisneyWorld and my dad is a big ride/park nut so I’ve been there something like 25 times. I can still vividly remember every detail of the first time I rode that ride. The crumbling exterior of the Hollywood Hotel, the slightly disturbing attendants and bellhops, the empty reflection pools cracked and broken, cob webs covering old decor and books and games in the lobby. It’s an absolutely beautiful and perfect set. One that I NEVER want to see go away.

Then you step into the library for the pre-show and any fan of The Twilight Zone will tell you, what you find is a room full of Twilight Zone references and intricately laid out details that are just incredible.

The story is fantastic, they even made a Disney movie around it that wasn’t that bad! The ride itself is basically a glorified vertical shoot ride, you go up and down. But it doesn’t matter, because the storyline sets you up for the scare. And since it’s inside, in pitch black, with random windows opening for you to see how high you are but then immediately dropping you out of that view, it works perfectly as a horror ride. It’s not designed to be some space thrill race ride.

This reminds me of when they got rid of ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter in Magic Kingdom, and replaced it with Stitches Great Escape! I mean I get why they did it. The ride was bat shit crazy scary and it’s magic kingdom, it’s in a very kid-centric area. But they removed something that was truly one of a kind and quite frankly amazingly executed, for something that felt slapped on and gimmicky. I still really wish they had just moved it to somewhere else somehow.

Please don’t do this Disney. Keep the rights to Twilight Zone and leave that ride the way it is. I always planned on taking my kids on that ride some day. Give me that chance! I’m greedy.

By the way you should also read this post from Walt Disney World News Today. This whole thing is part of a much larger plan to create a “Marvel Studios” area to the park. From WDWNT: “MARVEL Studios would encompass the last true expansion pad for the park, situated between Hollywood Land and A Bug’s Land. The area would be a natural extension of Hollywood Land, being a “working movie studio”.

That does sound interesting, but please do it somewhere else.


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