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Ween Come Back Strong After 4 Year Hiatus


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Walking into the 1STBANK Center last night with my friends we were out of our minds with excitement and energy, and so were the other 7500 people there. No surprise there. Ween fans are largely awesome people who are always ready to sing, dance, and have a good time with their new found brothers and sisters as the Boognish and his boys provide the rock. Of course, last night was different too. Throughout the line everyone was discussing the elephant in the stadium. Would Aaron (Gene) and Mickey (Dean) be happy up there? What’s the vibe going to be like when they come out?

If you’re not familiar with what caused Ween to break up, the Wikipedia page has a pretty decent breakdown of the events. It’s understandable really. After 28 years together shit happens, and sometimes you just need a break for various reasons. What’s unknown is how it will work itself out, and the reality is that when Ween announced they were getting back together there were those wondering why. Was it just a money play and if so would that change anything? What could we expect from a Ween that broke up?

All of that shit faded away instantly.



Let me tell you, at around 8:20 when the lights went down and the curtain drew to reveal the Boognish and the boys walked out on that stage, I have never felt energy like that in my life. It was the loudest I’ve ever heard a crowd cheer. And as Deaner and Gener looked at each other and Aaron said, “This is Dean Ween and I’m Gene Ween”. The place erupted, grown men cried, and strangers hugged because one thing was immediately clear, they were happy to be here.

After that the night is almost a blur. I sat in front of the computer for like an hour trying to explain what it was like but all I could get out was “wow”. A few gents on the Ween Appreciation Society suggested that may be enough but I would like to add that the entire band deserve recognition. Glenn’s keyboard solos were out of this world. Maddie turns to me and just says “he’s amazing!” probably 20 times throughout the night. Dave and Claude tore the place down, there grooves were so on point it was ridiculous. And obviously the stars of the show, Mickey and Aaron, deserve all the love in the world. 33 songs in a row people, with almost no stopping at all. Their playing and their voices were just so on the whole night. I can’t even imagine how they will pull off 2 more nights like that.

So with that I’ll leave you with an AMAZING video of Mickey doing “A Tear For Eddie” up in the hero there and here’s the setlist:

Ween 2/12/14: 1STBANK Center – Night 1:

  1. What Deaner Was Talking About
  2. Buckingham Green
  3. Beacon Light
  4. Bananas and Blow
  5. Japanese Cowboy
  6. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
  7. Now I’m Freaking Out
  8. Roses Are Free
  9. A Tear For Eddie
  10. Your Party
  11. How High Can You Fly?
  12. Nan
  13. Puerto Rican Power
  14. Tick
  15. Wayne’s Pet Youngin
  16. The Goin’ Gets Tough From The Getgo
  17. Mister Richard Smoker
  18. Waving My Dick in the Wind
  19. Gabriel
  20. Oh Va La
  21. Awesome Sound (personal favorite of the night)
  22. The Stallion Part 3
  23. Big Jilm
  24. Licking The Palm For Guava
  25. Mushroom Festival in Hell
  26. Even If You Don’t
  27. Sorry Charlie
  28. My Own Bare Hands
  29. Don’t Laugh, I Love You
  30. Boys Club
  31. Home Rainbow


  • Fiesta
  • Buenos Tardes Amigo



Oh also there is a FANTASTIC torrent of the concert here: http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=585022

Update: Here’s another Torrent from Mike B that you can play directly in browser from the internet archive: https://archive.org/details/ween2016-02-12.ck930.flac16a


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