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Ween Partnered With Rent-A-Wreck In The 90’s?

Ween Partnered With Rent-A-Wreck In The 90’s?


I’m a pretty huge Ween fan, but I’ve never heard of this. From what I can tell, no one has.

Apparently in 94′ if you rented a car from Rent-A-Wreck you may have gotten this super rare Chocolate and Cheese sampler with your ride.

Mickey (Dean Ween) dropped this on the Ween Appreciation Society a couple days ago: “people don’t believe me when i tell them this actually happened—if u rented a car from “rent a wreck” u got a cc sampler. i just found one after looking for years.”

Mickey Posts Rent-A-Wreck CC Sampler on FB



Most people consider the original cassette versions of The Crucial Squeegie Lip or Axis: Bold as Boognish or the Vinyl press of The Live Brain Wedgie / Wad Excerpts to be the holy trinity of Ween collecting, but this is probably going to set off a whole new level of searching.

As Mickey says above, even he spent years looking for one, and he knew he had one somewhere in his own collection! Who knows if anyone has one of these out there in the wild or not. Time to start searching?

Well, if you really, really want one. I may have some good news for you:

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.09.21 PM


That’s right. Pay close attention to Mickey’s eBay page because he’s going to list this possibly one of a kind item sometime soon (although a word of caution, he can be pretty slow sometimes on getting these things done, just take a look at the WEEN recording console that we’re still waiting on… not that I can afford it… or am bitter or anything about that).

Honestly even as I’m writing this I’m thinking “you idiot, why are you telling people!?” but hey, this is a pretty cool piece of Ween history I didn’t even know exists and we all know how crazy I am about Ween here at Echo Base so, this feels right.

If you’re going to try for it and you end up beating me in the bids, could you at least let me know if the versions on the cassette are the final mixed versions we hear on the album, or something else entirely? I’m dying to know.

Here’s another picture from Mickey of the back. It was released by Elektra so my guess is it’s the final cut that we hear on the album…

ween rent a wreck 2


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