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Well Ain’t This Ridiculous! Netflix Original Movie ‘The Ridiculous 6’ Trailer

Well Ain’t This Ridiculous! Netflix Original Movie ‘The Ridiculous 6’ Trailer


Set to release on December 11, 2015 there has been a lot of hullabaloo around the new Netflix Original movie, The Ridiculous 6 that Adam Sandler has co-written with Tim Herlihy. Not only are there some questions regarding the portrayal of the Apache culture and Native American cultures as a whole, but also with the way they treat the women in the movie. Sandler has always been one to push the boundaries of what people consider ‘acceptable’ satire in order to get a laugh out of the audience. But during filming some of the Native Americans thought it was all being taken too far and felt they needed to leave the set; and while it wasn’t all of the Native American actors, it was enough to take note. There is in fact a line, and I wonder how far this movie crosses over it.

Not only has this film found its-self in negative light with potential viewers already, but box offices are feeling the burn from this VOD service upping their original content game beyond just T.V. series and diving into full length feature films. What will this mean for movie theaters around the country if these services are supplying us with plenty of original movies, will anyone ever leave their couch again? Yes, the answer is yes, but that doesn’t stop this film from having a cast that goes on for DAYS:
Adam Sandler as Tommy
Will Forte as Will Patch
Taylor Lautner
Steve Buscemi as Doc Griffin
Danny Trejo as Cicero
Terry Crews
Luke Wilson as Danny
Nick Nolte as Frank Stockburn
Rob Schneider as Ramon
Steve Zahn as Clem
Jorge Garcia as Herm
Nick Swardson
Chris Parnell as Bank Manager
Jon Lovitz
Whitney Cummings as Susannah
Norm MacDonald
Blake Shelton as Wyatt Earp
Lavell Crawford as Lavall Patch
Vanilla Ice as Mark Twain
Dan Aykroyd
David Spade as General Custer
Dan Patrick as Abraham Lincoln
John Turturro as Abner Doubleday
Harvey Keitel
Lenda Murray

Have I made myself clear? Sandler called ALL of his friends, it takes a solid 15 seconds alone to list all those names in the actual trailer! But he got all of them on board for what is sure to be a boys club wild west comedy about a motley crew all finding that they have the same father, but yet are all SO different. Sandler has definitely given audiences some flops, I just thought about Jack and Jill and a bone chilling shiver went down my spine. Will this be another Billy Madison and become an instant classic, or will it be closer to A Million Ways to Die in the West and fade into mediocre comedy forever, or in a surprising third option! Will this be the movie that pushes the boundaries too far and disappears from the scene entirely due to it’s insensitivity? I have a feeling it’s that last option, but since I already pay for Netflix, and sometimes have free time, maybe I will see it. Maybe not though, because there are plenty of other movies I haven’t seen on Netflix… check out the trailer and decide for yourself!

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