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Will J K Simmons Be Back for the Spider-Man Reboot?

Will J K Simmons Be Back for the Spider-Man Reboot?


With Captain America: Civil War ready to hit cinemas in May, everybody’s talking about the new Spider-Man, Tom Holland (not Andrew Garfield. The new, new Spider-Man.) But, more loudly, people are talking about whether or not J K Simmons will be back to play Spidey’s outspoken boss, J. Jonah Jameson.

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies were inconsistent – but one element that was always spot-on was the magnificent J. K. Simmons as Spidey’s boss. He was hysterical, and owned every scene he was in – and made such an impression that the ill-fated reboot of the Spidey movies didn’t even feature J. Jonah Jameson because of the inevitable comparisons with the former JJJ.

But now Spidey’s going to be back… again. And there’s an online petition to bring J.K. Simmons back, too. He’s a little older and rougher around the edges these days, but there’s no doubt Simmons still has what it takes. Would you like to see him reprise the role?

Sign the petition here, and watch some of J. Jonah Jameson’s best scenes below.



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