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“Yule” Love it at Barnes and Noble this Friday

“Yule” Love it at Barnes and Noble this Friday


Book retailers Barnes and Noble are hosting a Harry Potter-themed “Yule Ball” at their stores across the country this Friday.

I love Barnes and Noble. Some of my best friends work there, they sell a multitude of my books on the Nook, and it’s the place I always go to sit down with a coffee and read all those Dorley Kindersley photo books that I’m never actually going to buy.

My kids love it too, because enterprising store staff plan story time and events all the time and they’re great for kids and families.

But this Friday, the folks at B&N are really pulling out all the stops with an inaugural “Magical Holiday Ball” inspired by the Yule Ball in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Specific activities vary from store to store, but a few things are guaranteed – Harry Potter themed events and activities, dancing, music and more. If you’ve ever attended any in-store events at your local B&N you’ll be familiar with how good they are – so this will be a must for Harry Potter fans.

The events kick off at 7pm on Friday, and attending in-costume is encouraged.



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